DDI's Pinpoint Platform

A Perfectly Curated Digital Experience

When it comes to leadership development that actually works, it's all about the experience. So instead of setting your leaders loose in a huge library of content, give them access to a personalized learning experience with only the content they need. DDI’s Pinpoint platform provides leaders with focused content that’s aligned to your leadership development strategy.

With Pinpoint, it's easy to design, deliver, and track blended learning journeys for your leaders. Even better? Pinpoint is seamlessly integrated into DDI’s award-winning leadership development solutions.


of HR professionals say personalized learning is one of the most important features to have in their learning programs

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast, 2021

Personalize How Leaders Learn

With Pinpoint, leaders can build, practice, and sustain skills with an engaging collection of online and interactive tools. From courses and games to simulations, self-insight tools, and practice chatbots, leaders can personalize the way they want to learn. They can also create personal boards and views by pinning their favorite tools.

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Pinpoint is a gamechanger!

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Curate and Customize the Best Content

DDI's Pinpoint program delivery platform provides a blended learning experience customized by leader level, business needs, and more. And it's easy to extend your learners’ classroom into the digital world. Take advantage of the many microlearning, sustainability tools, self insight assessments, and so much more.

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Scale Programs with Ease

Offer a high-impact leadership development experience to a large number of leaders with little effort. Likewise, it's easy to assign, track, and measure usage, no matter the number of leaders you have enrolled. Pinpoint is also available in multiple languages and can be accessible from your current learning system. And of course, it's mobile-friendly.