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Execute Strategy Through Culture

Middle managers are in a tough spot. They’re the make-it-happen people. It's up to them to translate business strategy at the top into execution at the frontline. And even harder? They need to create a culture where people want to do the work—and do it well. No wonder so many of them end up feeling flattened and burnt out. Enter DDI's Business Impact Leadership®

Business Impact Leadership is a series of high-impact development content specially designed to help mid-level leaders tackle the unique challenges of their role. With active learning, peer discussions, self-assessment tools, and on-the-job application, your mid-level leaders are sure to succeed. 

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of participants said skills and concepts addressed in Business Impact Leadership are important for their job.

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High-Impact Content for Unique Learning Needs

Your directors, VPs, and general managers have unique learning needs. Middle managers want to learn by doing and with their peers. They want learning anchored on their business reality. And at this level, self-awareness becomes more critical.

DDI’s middle manager training is designed to create development experiences that are valuable, authentic, and relevant at this level.

Business Impact Leadership helps address complex business challenges like accelerating change, translating strategy into results, and leading in a digital era. High-impact sessions directly lead to on-the-job application. Plus, short, focused peer sessions create a safe space for self-awareness, reflection, and disclosure.

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It's almost like a badge of honor to go through this program because it's widely known that the leaders coming out of it have been given accelerated development and have shown to be stronger performers, taking on expanded roles.

— Patrick Connell, Consulting Manager - US Operations, DDI

Continuous Development for Middle Managers

Middle managers need to keep growing as they keep up with the pace of change. You can give them the development they need and in the format they want. From in-person courses to on-demand tools, mid-level managers can quickly get support for their leadership challenges.

We designed our MultiLevel Subscription to develop leaders across your organization, from emerging leaders to middle managers. It’s your best option for ultimate flexibility with high-impact middle manager training at your fingertips. Plus, you get continuous development for your leaders.

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Deeply Qualified Facilitators

Facilitator credibility has a major impact on a development experience. And that's especially true at higher levels. DDI's facilitators go through a rigorous certification process to address the challenges of mid-level leaders.

While our facilitators can come to you, we can also certify your team to deliver the courses. That way, they can provide additional insights into your unique business context and what it takes to succeed at higher levels.

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