CEO Leadership Report 2021


A special CEO leadership report from the Global Leadership Forecast series to help CEOs, CHROs, and boards of directors navigate one of the most challenging talent markets in history.

Best Practices That Are Differentiating Organizations

This special CEO leadership report from the Global Leadership Forecast 2021 series analyzes responses from 368 CEOs and 2,102 human resource executives around the world to understand which talent practices differentiate companies set to thrive in the future. 

Four main themes stood out in our research:

  1. Developing future talent is an imperative for CEOs.
  2. C-suite leadership quality is dwindling against the rising benchmarks.
  3. CEOs and executives need development and support to be more effective in their roles.
  4. Many CEOs are not leveraging HR strategically to align their business needs with talent needs.

Research to Help Your Company Thrive in the Future

Here are just a few of the data points you'll see in the CEO Leadership Report 2021:

  • Only 1 in 3 CEOs say their organization's frontline leadership quality is "very good" or "excellent."
  • New CEOs are 32% more likely to say senior executives operate as an effective team.
  • Companies with CEO-CHRO alignment have 36% fewer leaders who intend to quit within a year.

CEO Leadership Report 2021
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