Better Hires, Better Outcomes

This report reveals the competencies that healthcare tests and assessments measure and highlights the outcomes of these behaviors.

Your goal is to hire and promote employees for improved quality, safety, and service outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

This report looks at the "Triple Aim-plus" view of your candidates—making it easier to identify those most likely to stay and grow with your organization.

In this report, we reveal more than the competencies that our tests and assessments measure. We also highlight the outcomes of these behaviors—the real-world, bottom-line results reported by participants’ managers.

We looked at 6,086 healthcare test and assessment participants from U.S. healthcare systems across the continuum of care. These included all-level employees up through first-line leaders. There were five focus areas in this report:

  • Identify: Safety Advocates
  • Identify: Quality Care-Givers
  • Identify: Service Orientation
  • Identify: Inspirational Leaders
  • Identify: Engagement and Long-term Contributors

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Better Hires, Better Outcomes
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