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Nicole Traud

Nicole Traud

Executive Consultant – US

Nicole Traud is a go-to executive coach who masterfully weaves data into C-suite coaching experiences to focus and accelerate executive performance. In addition to coaching individual executives, Nicole brings a nuanced approach to executive team dynamics and coaching.

Nicole’s style is based on more than two decades of experience with C-suite assessment and feedback. She focuses on pulling a range of data sources – including day-in-the-life assessments, 360-degree feedback interviews, personality data, etc. – to help executives connect the dots about their behavior and performance habits to focus on the most high-impact development areas. Her style is engaging and provocative, drawing on her deep knowledge of executive benchmarks.

In her work with executive teams, Nicole focuses on the entire team mosaic. She helps bring out the unique strengths among team members, as well as where they can listen to and learn from their peers in the C-suite.

Her experience spans a range of global industries, including manufacturing; defense; engineering; oil and gas, financial and insurance services; and healthcare, just to highlight a few. In her coaching relationships, she draws on the external, internal, and individual context for each executive to create custom development plans for each individual.

Key Capabilities and Experience

Nicole is skilled in finding the right entry-point to gain spirited participation in her coaching engagements. She uses a provocative style focused on understanding current context for coaching clients and what they care about in order to work collaboratively to ensure growth and success.

Education and Credentials

Certified executive coach and certified career coach by Center for Executive Coaching

M.S. in Leadership/Training and Development, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA

B.A., The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX

Member of the Association for Talent Development

DDI-certified learning systems and Targeted Selection® facilitator

AchieveGlobal-certified learning systems master trainer